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Regents Park Labour Ward Chair

Today was the Regents Park Labour ward AGM, where branch officers are elected. Our esteemed chair Nick Smith has recently been selected as Parliamentary Candidate for Blaenau Gwent, and was no longer available to continue in the post. I had spoken to Nick last week, and he suggested I put myself forward – but I wasn’t sure how well I’d be received as I’ve only been involved for under a.. Read More

I don’t believe it..!

Listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 today, I heard him discussing politics with his guest Richard Wilson, who I always loved in the hilarious role of Victor Meldrew. He was on the show because of his current play, Whipping It Up, based around the concept of an opposition party winning the next election by 1 vote. In which case it would be the whips vote to ensure everyone voted.. Read More

Snowed out of France

Thursday was the day of my long awaited an much anticipated sabbatical in the South of France. My flight was booked for 11.20am from Luton to Nimes. So just my luck to awaken and find the heaviest snowfall London had seen in 10 years… Unfortunately Ryanair doesn’t stretch to emergency travel information in their budget fairs. Naturally, after lugging my 2 months worth of suitcases and a very reluctant partner.. Read More

Will & Tessa’s Wedding Wonderland

Miraculously, with Dina to drive, Ananda, Mark & I spent a breathtaking 24 hours up in Norfolk to celebrate Will & Tess getting married. Dancing into the wee small hours, I could only marvel at the blessings of friends, fresh air and a full blood count!

Race for Life

Months ago I registered to run the Cancer Research Race for Life in Regents Park. Yesterday was the day and I figured I wouldn’t be able to make it so soon after leaving hospital. But when Ananda, Mark & I went for a stroll today there were so many inspiring banners strewn accross the trees that I had to have a go. Knowing that many women would be walking, and.. Read More

Hello world!

I have been trying to start a blog for many years, but never find the time to keep it updated.  Now that my life is getting busier, it seems I find more time to write about my adventures! I’d love to hear what you think as well, so feel free to add comments & I’ll approve them when I get the chance. Ciaran :o)

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