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Thesis Mastered!

After six months of isolated singlemindedness I have finally completed & submitted my 15000 words of LLM Master’s Thesis about International River Basin benefit sharing & virtual water trade! I love my subject & can’t wait to get submerged in it for real 🙂


I have been accepted on a PhD course at Uni of Westminster, however I have not been successful with my application for a studentship after having been shortlisted for an interview. What I have really learned from this process is the value of a precisely tuned question, with a clear remit and achievable scope. So the true benefit goes to my Master’s thesis, which has transformed overnight from a vague.. Read More

Whata Twit

Have finally joined twitter… its been a mind-expandingly lazy bank-holiday of twittle-chatter!

Regents Park Selection

The Camden Labour selection process is underway, for candidates to stand in the local elections in May 2010. I thought about standing in my ward, but have now chosen to prioritise study over politics. After Theo’s sudden withdrawal from the selection process, we conducted a very highly contested selection meeting last night. Eventually selected were existing Councillors Nash & Heather, and new candidate Tulip Siddiq.

Theta Soul Healing

We launched a new website for Theta Soul Healing today. This is a form of healing which enables people to change the way they think and feel, to bring positive results in their lives.

Clerksroom Mediation

Today I was invited to attend an advanced facilitative mediation training session. It was a bit of a shock for me after 2 years of Camden community mediation, which uses the transformative approach. I found myself quite lost for words, and instead of being non-directional as I would usually, I found myself telling them what to think but failing to test the reality of the’clients’ expectations to help them change.. Read More

Bedales Reunion Lunch

Amy Meadows organised a really lovely Valentines’ reunion for a gaggle of girls from my year at school, with our other halves and mini-me’s – it really was a sight to behold. We had a pot-luck lunch – very brave of amy to have 30 people coming for a meal and nothing on the cooker but a casserole – which turned into a sumptuous feast as more people arrived with.. Read More


Our fantastic client Olga of Hot Bikram Yoga, commissioned Mark to design a Smart Car Wrap with her company branding. Even the scratchy photos we have look stunning – can’t wait for the drive-by 🙂

Verging on Distinction

Having started my LLM with the intention simply to pass if I could, I’ve had some wonderful news about my coursework. Provisional results for my first semester essays are in, and I am averaging just below a distinction… Now I’ll have to redouble my efforts for my thesis!

Can has Kitteh!

Our two new playmates arrived today. They are very tiny and a little bemused, but we are going to love them as best as we are able. We have given them a cosy bed, a deluxe litter tray and will put rescue remedy/ flower essences in thier water until they settle into their new home.

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