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Labour Councillor Panel

This morning I went along to Camden Town Hall, for an interview to join the panel of approved prospective Labour Councillors for election in 2010. I was pleased to hear that they liked what I had to say, and I have been successful in joining the panel. Now I must see if I can actually be selected as an election candidate for one of the Camden Wards.

About Bloody Time!

My cousin James married his long-time sweetheart today at a beautiful civil cermony in Wimbledon… In their own words – about bloody time! Surrounded by family & friends, in the gorgeous setting of Cannizaro House, it was a wonderful wedding-day spectacular.

TSol Awareness Day

Today I joined David Richbell and 4 other mediators in giving a training presentation to the Treasury Solicitors Office. We were all involved in a role-play demonstration of a workplace/ redundancy dispute, which David mediated. The presentation was a great success, and the attendees were stimulated to learn a new approach. For me, it was also a useful opportunity to network with some experienced International & Commercial mediators – unearthing.. Read More

Induction into Law

I’m finally starting my LLM International Commercial Dispute Resolution – Masters at Law degree. The University of Westminster is 20 mins walk from my house which is great, and I have a series of lectus to Induct me to the Masters programme, my course, study of Law, and the University facilities. It all seems to be really well organised – with the LLM students gathered in the main hall for.. Read More

Rich Conversation

I had a fascinating lunch with David Richbell, whom I had met when he spoke at the CMC Conference. With the conversation ranging from Mediterranean Hideaways to Inter-Faith Mediation, and levels of accreditation to Skype phones, we barely had time to eat. It was very affirming to speak at length with a successful and established mediator who has no legal background. Hopefully the first of many.

Talk Mediation

This morning I wound my way down Middle Temple Lane (an unobtrusive passageway off Fleet Street), to meet Suzanne Lowe, the founder of Talk Mediation. I had met a couple of mediators who work with her at the CMC Conference, and arranged to meet up with Suzanne when she passed through London. Talk Mediation runs an assistants panel, which I may join. Although I won’t get paid work, it will.. Read More

Render The Impossible

This week Mark took up the challenge of making 3D source images for a 2x3m display screen. Creating the image with help from our 3D guru, Billy was fairly simple, but rendering it to a size which would be printable at the desired dimensions and resolution was near impossible. We were up till past midnight every night, with Mark trying out different configurations, edging ever nearer to a final large.. Read More

Left Holding The Baby!

I met our newest neighbour today, when we had an impromptu BBQ downstairs with Dan & Gaby. Imogen Katie Linda Ezro is almost 3 weeks old.

Critical Moments In Mediation

Today all the volunteer mediators at Camden Mediation Service were invited for a day of top-up training. Community mediation can be very unpredictable, especially as emotions tend to run very high when the disputers may have their home or sanity at stake. We started with general chat & an ice-breaker, for once meeting on our own terms with fellow mediators… An quirky bunch of like-minded do-gooders! Unbeknown to any of.. Read More

Mediation Conference

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) held their Annual Conference yesterday at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum. After catching a 6.30am train from Euston, I arrived in good time to mingle with a large sample of the country’s civil mediators. There were about 250 people from all over UK, some working for high stakes and some for community mediation projects. The day was split up between conference speakers – prominent figures from.. Read More

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