Silver Linings

Today started with an email out of the blue. A friend who I met only once on a Workplace Mediation course and yet bonded deeply with, had heard from another friend on the same course who I know well, that I am back on the chemo again. Sending her positive thoughts and love to see me through, she included a link to a heartfelt blog written by another breast cancer.. Read More

Beauty and the Beast

Today I start on a new cycle of Chemotherapy, derived from the beautiful Madagascar Periwinkle, which will take me up until May. On two out of every three weeks, I’ll be injected with healing poison and pray that it does the job of stemming my cancer growth while sparing my vital immune system blood cell reproduction. This is the delicate balance between keeping alive and killing the cancer. To exist in.. Read More

What makes them feel this way?

Here’s a video I took part in making for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Biggest Thank You

BBC News: UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

BBC news excerpt about the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

Race for Life

Months ago I registered to run the Cancer Research Race for Life in Regents Park. Yesterday was the day and I figured I wouldn’t be able to make it so soon after leaving hospital. But when Ananda, Mark & I went for a stroll today there were so many inspiring banners strewn accross the trees that I had to have a go. Knowing that many women would be walking, and.. Read More

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