A Celebration of the Life of Susie Tarver

Teaching at Bedales, for Susie, was a dream come true: the culmination of everything she held dear. She loved the English countryside, the free-spiritedness, the creative endeavour, the dramas of everyday life, all the pupils she taught and even the indirect connection with me. Susie was my mum’s cousin and she delighted in sharing stories of Bedalian high-jinks together. As the second of six children, Susie took on the role.. Read More


Our fantastic client Olga of Hot Bikram Yoga, commissioned Mark to design a Smart Car Wrap with her company branding. Even the scratchy photos we have look stunning – can’t wait for the drive-by 🙂

Render The Impossible

This week Mark took up the challenge of making 3D source images for a 2x3m display screen. Creating the image with help from our 3D guru, Billy was fairly simple, but rendering it to a size which would be printable at the desired dimensions and resolution was near impossible. We were up till past midnight every night, with Mark trying out different configurations, edging ever nearer to a final large.. Read More

Left Holding The Baby!

I met our newest neighbour today, when we had an impromptu BBQ downstairs with Dan & Gaby. Imogen Katie Linda Ezro is almost 3 weeks old.

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