When I met the PM & 1st Lady!

Here I am with some other bright young things, welcoming the Prime Minister as he arrived to make his leader’s speech today. My fantastic mum tracked it down on the iPlayer, so I’ve been able to capture the moment for posterity!

My first Gay Wedding!!

Bravo!! Alcinoo & Bruno got married at Hackney Town Hall today. It was a really sweet ceremony filled with funky folks from their homelands of Italy & Brazil – then off to Vortex Bar in Dalston where we ate, drank, made merry and had a fabulous impromptu show from the Hackney Girls’ Street Dance Troup, who were practicing in the square all afternoon. The highlight was Brazillian coctails and a.. Read More

Bedales Reunion Lunch

Amy Meadows organised a really lovely Valentines’ reunion for a gaggle of girls from my year at school, with our other halves and mini-me’s – it really was a sight to behold. We had a pot-luck lunch – very brave of amy to have 30 people coming for a meal and nothing on the cooker but a casserole – which turned into a sumptuous feast as more people arrived with.. Read More

Snowed out of France

Thursday was the day of my long awaited an much anticipated sabbatical in the South of France. My flight was booked for 11.20am from Luton to Nimes. So just my luck to awaken and find the heaviest snowfall London had seen in 10 years… Unfortunately Ryanair doesn’t stretch to emergency travel information in their budget fairs. Naturally, after lugging my 2 months worth of suitcases and a very reluctant partner.. Read More

Will & Tessa’s Wedding Wonderland

Miraculously, with Dina to drive, Ananda, Mark & I spent a breathtaking 24 hours up in Norfolk to celebrate Will & Tess getting married. Dancing into the wee small hours, I could only marvel at the blessings of friends, fresh air and a full blood count!

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