The speech that would have been..!

Here is a speech I had hoped to contribute to the Britain in the World debate – but unfortunately I didn’t get chosen for what turned out to be one of the most hotly contested line-up of speakers from the floor.. Good Morning Conference! This week we have heard both our own Ministers and leaders of European sister parties, commend the work which our Prime Minister, and our Labour Government have achieved.. Read More

Britain in the World, policy forum

This afternoon I attended a policy forum with Secretaries of State for Defence, International Development and Foreign Affairs. The debate was very broad, from Trident and Iranian nuclear proliferation, to humanitarian aid. I was very lucky to be selected to ask Douglas Alexander and David Miliband whether their aims for international cooperation and dispute resolution are realised in supporting international river basin states to work together to promote regional cohesion.. Read More

When I met the PM & 1st Lady!

Here I am with some other bright young things, welcoming the Prime Minister as he arrived to make his leader’s speech today. My fantastic mum tracked it down on the iPlayer, so I’ve been able to capture the moment for posterity!

Thesis Mastered!

After six months of isolated singlemindedness I have finally completed & submitted my 15000 words of LLM Master’s Thesis about International River Basin benefit sharing & virtual water trade! I love my subject & can’t wait to get submerged in it for real 🙂

Regents Park Selection

The Camden Labour selection process is underway, for candidates to stand in the local elections in May 2010. I thought about standing in my ward, but have now chosen to prioritise study over politics. After Theo’s sudden withdrawal from the selection process, we conducted a very highly contested selection meeting last night. Eventually selected were existing Councillors Nash & Heather, and new candidate Tulip Siddiq.

Clerksroom Mediation

Today I was invited to attend an advanced facilitative mediation training session. It was a bit of a shock for me after 2 years of Camden community mediation, which uses the transformative approach. I found myself quite lost for words, and instead of being non-directional as I would usually, I found myself telling them what to think but failing to test the reality of the’clients’ expectations to help them change.. Read More

Verging on Distinction

Having started my LLM with the intention simply to pass if I could, I’ve had some wonderful news about my coursework. Provisional results for my first semester essays are in, and I am averaging just below a distinction… Now I’ll have to redouble my efforts for my thesis!

Labour Councillor Panel

This morning I went along to Camden Town Hall, for an interview to join the panel of approved prospective Labour Councillors for election in 2010. I was pleased to hear that they liked what I had to say, and I have been successful in joining the panel. Now I must see if I can actually be selected as an election candidate for one of the Camden Wards.

TSol Awareness Day

Today I joined David Richbell and 4 other mediators in giving a training presentation to the Treasury Solicitors Office. We were all involved in a role-play demonstration of a workplace/ redundancy dispute, which David mediated. The presentation was a great success, and the attendees were stimulated to learn a new approach. For me, it was also a useful opportunity to network with some experienced International & Commercial mediators – unearthing.. Read More

Induction into Law

I’m finally starting my LLM International Commercial Dispute Resolution – Masters at Law degree. The University of Westminster is 20 mins walk from my house which is great, and I have a series of lectus to Induct me to the Masters programme, my course, study of Law, and the University facilities. It all seems to be really well organised – with the LLM students gathered in the main hall for.. Read More

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