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Silver Linings

Today started with an email out of the blue. A friend who I met only once on a Workplace Mediation course and yet bonded deeply with, had heard from another friend on the same course who I know well, that I am back on the chemo again. Sending her positive thoughts and love to see me through, she included a link to a heartfelt blog written by another breast cancer.. Read More

Beauty and the Beast

Today I start on a new cycle of Chemotherapy, derived from the beautiful Madagascar Periwinkle, which will take me up until May. On two out of every three weeks, I’ll be injected with healing poison and pray that it does the job of stemming my cancer growth while sparing my vital immune system blood cell reproduction. This is the delicate balance between keeping alive and killing the cancer. To exist in.. Read More

What makes them feel this way?

Here’s a video I took part in making for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Biggest Thank You

A Celebration of the Life of Susie Tarver

Teaching at Bedales, for Susie, was a dream come true: the culmination of everything she held dear. She loved the English countryside, the free-spiritedness, the creative endeavour, the dramas of everyday life, all the pupils she taught and even the indirect connection with me. Susie was my mum’s cousin and she delighted in sharing stories of Bedalian high-jinks together. As the second of six children, Susie took on the role.. Read More

BBC News: UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

BBC news excerpt about the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

The speech that would have been..!

Here is a speech I had hoped to contribute to the Britain in the World debate – but unfortunately I didn’t get chosen for what turned out to be one of the most hotly contested line-up of speakers from the floor.. Good Morning Conference! This week we have heard both our own Ministers and leaders of European sister parties, commend the work which our Prime Minister, and our Labour Government have achieved.. Read More

Britain in the World, policy forum

This afternoon I attended a policy forum with Secretaries of State for Defence, International Development and Foreign Affairs. The debate was very broad, from Trident and Iranian nuclear proliferation, to humanitarian aid. I was very lucky to be selected to ask Douglas Alexander and David Miliband whether their aims for international cooperation and dispute resolution are realised in supporting international river basin states to work together to promote regional cohesion.. Read More

When I met the PM & 1st Lady!

Here I am with some other bright young things, welcoming the Prime Minister as he arrived to make his leader’s speech today. My fantastic mum tracked it down on the iPlayer, so I’ve been able to capture the moment for posterity!

International Trade & Aid Breakfast

It was well worth dragging myself into the Conference Centre this morning for an 8am International Breakfast, hilariously chaired by Neil Kinnock, and featuring Glenys Kinnock (Minister of State for Europe), Baroness Ashton (UK’s European Commissioner), and Michael Cashman MEP. Political and business visitors from many developing countries attended, and prompted a lively discussion on the effects and implications of EU/global trade & aid policies, including the benefits of the Doha Development Round of current WTO.. Read More

My first Gay Wedding!!

Bravo!! Alcinoo & Bruno got married at Hackney Town Hall today. It was a really sweet ceremony filled with funky folks from their homelands of Italy & Brazil – then off to Vortex Bar in Dalston where we ate, drank, made merry and had a fabulous impromptu show from the Hackney Girls’ Street Dance Troup, who were practicing in the square all afternoon. The highlight was Brazillian coctails and a.. Read More

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