This week Mark took up the challenge of making 3D source images for a 2x3m display screen. Creating the image with help from our 3D guru, Billy was fairly simple, but rendering it to a size which would be printable at the desired dimensions and resolution was near impossible.

We were up till past midnight every night, with Mark trying out different configurations, edging ever nearer to a final large image. Looking in the forums was not much help, as everyone who’d attempted a similar render ended up creating segments and painstakingly putting them together in Photoshop.

Eventually we made a breakthrough.

With Mark working late at the studio, I crashed at home then woke up early and re-googled his puzzle. At last I found an answer about use of RAM at render-time, and how to overcome the Windows RAM restrictions by initiating the /3GB switch at start-up.

Coincidentally, Mark had done the exact same thing the night before and was ready to test the new setup.

Hooray! It worked!!

But more than that, it was the first time that we’ve successfully worked together to figure out such a complex problem and come out with an unexpected miracle… Living & working together can be a tough struggle, but when we get a triumph like this it all starts to feel worthwhile.